Our goal is to make sure we have enough storage so that no items in the garage are touching the ground.  This eliminates trips hazards and also making cleaning much easier. Having several different storage options in a garage is a good idea.  We have outlined several different storage methods for different items based on how regularly they are used and also how discretely you would like them stored.



ceiling Racks

Hanging ceiling racks is a great way to get items that are rarely used out of the way.  This could mean Christmas lights, holiday decorations, keepsakes, and many other things that are simply collecting dust around the house.

We can even install ceiling storage that can be raised and lowered at the push of a button, eliminating the need for a ladder.  Whatever your situation may be, we have plenty of options for a solution.


Cabinets and Lockers

Cabinets and lockers are the most common way to store items in your garage.  This way of storage is perfect for those things used on a semi-regular basis.  The cabinets and lockers are also used for items that may be considered more valuable monetarily or sentimentally and therefore can be locked up.  Items that also must be hidden from plain sight would also be stored here. 

Another great way to organize the garage is to have individual lockers for each child in the house.  Here, athletic equipment, clothes, shoes, and even toys can be stored. 

Tool boxes are often a component of these organization systems.  Most of the time we try to find a tool box with wheels so that it can be easily moved and accessed.



Slatwall is primarily used for items that are used regularly and need to be accessed easily.  Slatwall systems are fastened into the studs of the walls and can support much more weight compared to the older peg board walls.  This system also allows for baskets, hooks, shelves, and other unique ways to make sure that everything in the garage is off the ground.

These systems are setup for your purposes. There are many hardware options for slatwall including hanging baskets, single hooks, double hooks, shelving, and more.  You can even hang whole cabinets on the slatwall.