Hydraulic Automobile Lifts

Hydraulic lifts are a dream for mechanics who work at home.  They can also be a dream for those who are storing a fair amount of outdoor equipment or even other cars.  Whatever your need for a hydraulic lift is, there are many options available.  There is a great debate on whether a 2 post lift or 4 post lift is better, but we will see that both have their strengths and weaknesses.


2 post lift

The 2 Post Lifts are perfect for those who do mechanical work on automobiles.  The reason 2 Post lifts are superior to 4 Post lifts in this scenario is because the mechanic has access to all points under the car; whereas a 4 post lift does not allow easy access for brake and suspension work. The 4 Post lift needs a rack jack in order to do this kind of work.

Many also like 2 Post lifts because they do not take up as much space as a 4 Post lift. These posts are often chosen over the 4 post lift because of the cost is substantially less.



4 post lift

Those who have 4 Post lifts swear by them.  These lifts do take up more space, but undoubtedly have an advantage of storing cars or equipment.  Many car enthusiasts believe it is not a good idea to store cars on 2 post lifts because the tires and suspension hang.  This is another area where a 4 post lift is more beneficial.

As noted under the 2 Post lift section, 4 post lifts need what is called a rack jack in order to lift the car off the ramps so that brake and suspension work can be completed.