Garage Lighting

Its easy to assume that people understand how much of a difference that correct lighting and fixtures can have on a room, but do you really?  We understand that to truly have a unique garage, most often, lighting must be addressed.  This is simply because most of the time, garages are built with large bulb sockets that provide just enough light to get the job done.



Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent tubing is one of the most popular forms of garage lighting for a couple reason:  they easily light up large spaces, are energy efficient, and show true colors which is very important in any work shop garage.


Recessed Lighting

This option is for those who are seeking an ultra modern look to the garage.  These lights can be placed all over the ceiling to highlight walls or objects and provide focal points to any area of the garage.


Track Lighting

Here we have another modern style of lighting that can make a garage feel like its not a garage.  Rail lighting comes in many different designs and can be pointed toward any area in the garage.