Garage Flooring

There is no wrong choice when choosing which kind of flooring to cover up your old floor.  We will help guide you in the right direction depending on what kind of usage you expect most from your garage.  wWhile garage floor epoxy is the most popular, you will find below that it isn't the only option.



Garage floor Epoxy

We use only industrial grade epoxy on our floors.  Our proven process of installing garage floor coatings includes multiple stages to ensure the floor holds up for years and years.  You can rest assured there will be no chipping or cracking on these floors.   One of the advantages of choosing epoxy is we can choose from just about any color imaginable. If you don't like the flakes in the finish, forget about them and we will leave it bare!


Garage Tile

When it comes to garage tiles, there are so many different options available.  Stain resistant, slip resistant, and durability combined with the endless designs and patterns can lead to a true one of a kind garage floor. 

Any tile we install will be slip resistant and easy to clean.  Because of the uniqueness that can be made with the tile, it is our favorite flooring option for agarage.


Garage matting

Matting is a great choice for our cost conscious customers.  The matting comes in many different colors and patterns and can be installed with relative ease.  Though not as durable as epoxy or tile, the matting still provides a much better appearance than the bare concrete floor.