About Us

Garage Mahal was established in 2016 and serves the greater Springfield, MO metropolitan area.  We makeover garages with services ranging fromGarage Door repair, Garage Floor Epoxy, Garage Floor Tile, Updated Lighting, Cabinets, and more.  The idea for our company came when we found there are many companies around the country that service the interior and exterior of homes and business.  However, few if any companies specialize in one of the most utilized areas of the home; the garage.

We know there is no limit to what garages can be used for.  Workout areas, wood and mechanical shops, man caves, storage, and home offices are just a few ideas.  Our company is on the fore front of taking garages a whole new level and we look forward to meeting with you to do so.

About the Owner

The owner, Dallas Hord owns an award winning landscape and lawn care company in Springfield, MO called Vision Landscape.   Before he became a business owner, Dallas played on a baseball scholarship at Missouri State University and then professionally with the Miami Marlins.  One day he realized that baseball was no longer a priority in his life and decided to move onto other things.  Always fascinated with home renovations, Dallas acquired Vision Landscape and started designing and building custom landscapes.  Garage Mahal is the next step in building a group of businesses with home and business remodeling and upgrading as the


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